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Tyler Kalisiak
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CERTIFIED: Sports Conditioning Specialist and Sports Nutritionist

CONTINUING EDUCATION: Sports Periodization Training, Lactate Threshold Training, Program -Design, Supplementation to Maximize Exercise Recovery, Sports First Aid, Energy Upgrade Solutions, Sports Injury Prevention, Low Carb vs High Carb Diets

Tyler was born and raised in San Jose, CA. At the age of 13 years old, his family made a huge commitment by moved to Southern California to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional Motocross racer. His dream became reality when his professional racing career began at 19 years old. For the next three years he competed in the AMA Supercross Series. Once the racing chapter of his life was done, Tyler turned his passion for racing into a passion for helping people set and achieve Fitness and Nutrition goals that improve their performance on and off the bike.

Now Tyler has the privilege of working along side some of the top extreme sport professionals in the world, as well as some of the top fitness and nutrition experts, such as Charles Dao, Aldon Baker and Gareth Swanepoel.

What sets Tyler apart from most coaches in his field is the fact that he lives and breathes athleticism. After years of experience as a professional athlete and his education in Sports Conditioning and Nutrition, he is now one of the top fitness and nutrition coaches in the business. Aside from being involved at one of the most premier training facilities in Southern California “Icon Sports Alliance”, Tyler creates premium fitness and nutrition programs custom tailored for each athletes goals and needs. He analyzes each athlete’s present fitness conditions and yearly racing plans and goals for them. From there a proper fitness and nutrition program are put in place through specific software for tracking the fitness and stress demands put on the athlete day by day.

To know more about Tyler, I encourage you to follow him via Instagram or FaceBook for inspiring insight and knowledge of fitness and health related facts. For more info on what he does and program related questions, feel free to email him at


Tylers Present and Past Athletes

  • Mitchell Falk

    Swept all 3 Championships entered at the Arizona Amateur Open Nationals
    Swept all 4 250B Championships at the 2016 Freestone Amateur National
    Swept all 3 Championships he competed in during the 2016 Spring Classic Amateur National
    250B Limited Champion of the 2016 Daytona Amateur National
    2016 Loretta Lynn’s 250B Limited Champion
    2016 Moto Winner at the 2016 Monster Energy Cup

  • Malcolm Stewart

    3 AMA Supercross podium finishes in 2014
    2 AMA Supercross heat wins in 2014
    Multiple top 5 AMA Supercross finishes in 2014

  • Matt Bisceglia

    3rd place podium finish in the 2015 East/West Shootout main event of the AMA Supercross Series
    3rd place podium finish in the 2015 Toronto Lites Supercross main event
    Consistant top 10 and top 5 finishes as a 450 Factory Suzuki fill-in rider during the 2016 AMA Outdoor Motocross National Series

  • Sean Cantrell

    250 Pro Sport and 450A Supercross Champion at the 2016 Mini Olympic Nationals
    250A and 450A Motocross Champion at the 2016 Mini Olympic Nationals
    250A and Open Pro Sport Champion at the 2016 Arizona Amateur Open National

  • Vicki Golden

    2011, 2012 & 2013 X-Games Gold Medalist
    First female to medal against men at X-Games
    First woman to qualify into AMA Supercross through AMA Arenacross

  • Robbie Maddison

    Worked side by side building size and strength in 2012/2013 for a couple of record breaking jumps and stuntman rolls in major films including James Bond 007: Skyfall

  • Tyler Bowers

    2013 & 2014 AMA Arenacross Champion
    2012 Costa Rican Motocross Champion
    AMA Supercross Main Event Win as fill in rider

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